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Exceptional early childhood education

Children aged three months to five years can grow and develop in the nurturing environment of ACG Strathallan’s Preschool, situated on a large, beautiful early learning campus in Karaka.

A positive foundation for learning

At ACG Strathallan, we introduce children to a love of play and learning, by creating opportunities to explore, experiment, solve problems and express themselves as individuals.

Personal development for life

Along with a positive start to learning, our teachers place an emphasis on oral language development and nurturing social relationships. Our teachers know a structured foundation is important for young children, to help them develop and grow into confident individuals.

We provide an exceptional learning space for our preschoolers, with high quality staff who care and guide our young children.



Choosing the right daycare for the little one is a hard task. Moving to a new daycare center brings even more challenges and uncertainties to the kid and family. However, after 6 months at ACG Strathallan’s preschool, we are very happy that we made the move for Lucas. Lucas has been a happy boy since day one. His transition was so smooth, it was actually quite a surprise to see how quickly he settled in the preschool.

Lucas’s development and growth are progressing very well since he joined the preschool. His confidence, knowledge, experience and skills are growing day by day. We can see the care, education and kindness he receives at preschool on a daily basis. The way the center organizes and arranges activities for kids simply works very well. Lucas’s daily agenda at school is always full of excitement, joy and exploration with his friends.

Communications with teachers, the manager and staff at the center are always nice and easy. It makes us feel that teachers are always there for Lucas and us. Teachers are happy to talk about Lucas’s daily activities, feelings, reactions, and highlights at the center. If we have any questions, they are more than happy to answer or help. A short 3 mins talk with teachers gives us a lot of insights about Lucas’s day. The Storypark system they use at the center is amazing. Teachers keep posting photos, videos, stories. Very easy for us to know what is happening. And when I post some stories about Lucas at home, I always get responses from teachers. Highly appreciate the efforts the teaching team put in this. Even in the lockdown period, teachers managed to do an amazing job in planning daily activities and arranging video calls. Their impressive work helped to keep kids connected with teachers and other kids. This is really helpful during lockdown, and worked very well for us.

Everytime when I walk into the center, I see kids with happy and confident smiles on their faces, running and playing. I can see how much kids like their teachers and friends. This center is a great place to bring kids together. As a family, we are very happy to be part of ACG Strathallan daycare center.


I would like to thank you and your wonderful team in the infant room.

These ladies are not only very kind, patient and loving to our baby Melina and do a fantastic job in responding to her individual needs and helping her to feel safe and happy but also took it to another level and taught her to sleep in the cot again.

It was a few months that she resisted to sleep in her cot at home but these ladies helped her to realise that the cot is where she needs to sleep in. They made my job much easier to transfer her back to her cot and her room at home. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for our family.


Thank you all so much for the daily calls, activity ideas, and storytelling. We really appreciate the time and effort you invested in keeping us connected.

The Banks Family

Cooper started at Strathallan Preschool in the infants centre at 13 months and is now 2.5 in the junior preschool. The low staff turnover has meant Cooper has been able to form incredible bonds with his teachers in both the infant and junior centres and they all genuinely care about their students. Cooper’s current interests are quickly identified and encouraged which means I always know he’s going to have a great day. We couldn’t be more impressed with how Strathallan preschool is nurturing our little boy and you know it’s a quality centre when the first thing he says at pick up is “I had a good day today mummy”.

  • Infant preschool – from three months

    With a purpose-built, creative and stimulating play and learning area, our infant preschool caters for children from three months to two years. To maintain our high level of quality, care and attention, we have a staff ratio of one teacher to four children.

  • Junior preschool – two to four years

    Young children are now encouraged to play, think, experiment, develop self-expression and curiosity.  Language skills are developed alongside social skills.  Our teachers are highly dedicated and we maintain a strict ratio of one staff member to nine children.

  • Senior Preschool: School Ready Program

    We’ve developed a School Ready Programme so that children are excited and prepared for continuous learning.

    We support children in creative and critical thought processes throughout their day, and we provide experiences that introduce children to early concepts of maths, science, art, reading and other curriculum areas.

    We nurture children to become confident by supporting them to think clearly and solve problems, to have the confidence to ask questions and expand their knowledge.

    It’s well known that children who start school feeling confident and capable are better placed to have learning success for life.

    Read more about our School Ready Programme here. 

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