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Tuition fees

The value of a world-class education

At ACG Strathallan, we offer an exceptional education for every child. Our educators, facilities, and commitment to learning makes our education world-class.

Tuition fees

Domestic students
International students
Preschool rates

Years 1 - 6

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$18,010 NZ$18,010
Three Instalments NZ$6,057 per instalment NZ$18,171
Nine Instalments NZ$2,057 per month NZ$18,513

Years 7 - 10

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$20,885 NZ$20,855
Three Instalments NZ$7,022 per instalment NZ$21,066
Nine Instalments NZ$2,385 per month NZ$21,465

Years 11 - 13

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$21,975 NZ$21,975
Three Instalments NZ$7,390 per instalment NZ$22,170
Nine Instalments NZ$2,512 per month NZ$22,608

Enrolment Acceptance Fee
Reserve a place for your child with a non-refundable enrolment fee. For Years 1 to 10 there is a fee of NZ$950, and for new enrolments into Years 11 to 13 the fee is NZ$475.

You won’t need to pay a fee to register an application, and ACG Strathallan doesn’t charge a building development levy or bond.

Click here to fill out the Online Application Form (For domestic students).

Could you be eligible for a scholarship? Find out now.

International students 2021

Year level Annual fee Fee per term
Years 1 - 6 NZ$24,400 NZ$8,540
Years 7 - 13 NZ$29,800 NZ$10,430

Administration fees: $1,050

Senior Centre (Children aged from 3-5 with attestation)

Days per week Annual Fee Three Instalments (per instalment) Ten Instalments (per instalment)
5 days per week NZ$10,041 NZ$3,401 NZ$1,058
4 days per week NZ$7,420 NZ$2,508 NZ$776
3 days per week NZ$4,615 NZ$1,596 NZ$500
2 days per week NZ$3,077 NZ$1,064 NZ$334
1 day per week NZ$1,538 NZ$532 NZ$166

Children must be enrolled for a minimum of 6.5 hours on the days that ECE hours are used.

Junior Centre (Children aged from 2-3 years)

Days per week Annual Fee Three Instalments (per instalment) Ten Instalments (per instalment)
5 days per week NZ$15,645 NZ$5,270 NZ$1,617
4 days per week NZ$12,880 NZ$4,367 NZ$1,340
3 days per week NZ$9,661 NZ$3,277 NZ$1,005
2 days per week NZ$6,441 NZ$2,184 NZ$670
1 day per week NZ$3,221 NZ$1,093 NZ$335

Infant Centre (infants aged from three months up to two years)

Days per week Annual Fee Three Instalments Ten Instalments
5 days per week NZ$16,136 NZ$5,501 NZ$1,700
4 days per week NZ$13,436 NZ$4,562 NZ$1,400
3 days per week NZ$10,092 NZ$3,421 NZ$1,049
2 days per week NZ$6,690 NZ$2,282 NZ$701
1 day per week NZ$3,344 NZ$1,139 NZ$350

**Preschool fees are both international and New Zealand students.

Preschool Enrolment Acceptance Fee

A $200 enrolment acceptance fee is payable to reserve a place at ACG Strathallan Preschool. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within the time specified in the letter of offer and before a child commences classes. It is additional to tuition fees.

The enrolment acceptance fee will be deducted from a Primary enrolment acceptance fee when the child transitions. The enrolment acceptance fee cannot be transferred from one ACG School to another.

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

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